Outlet through photography: in search of grasp of fresh air

Zoe Bogdanets18/05/22 20:16728

Contemporary art usually includes traditional photography as a medium of magical artistic self-expression mixed with the technological potential of the photo camera. Being a photographer, Ekaterina Evseenko has passed several different stages from the very beginning to the current point where she feels the freedom to experiment.

Ekaterina started to take photographs several years ago as an outlet when she moved to a big city where she was working in a big company. Being responsible for many groups of colleagues and patients, she felt a great need for an aesthetic visual experience. Thus, Ekaterina found the nature and landscapes outside the city were perfect scenes and backgrounds for her photographs. By taking the photographs she was inspired by the constant change in the sky, trees, colors, forms, and rhythms of nature.

To develop her skills in the chosen sphere she took part in many professional meetings where the photographers were sharing their knowledge and experience. It was a great time for learning and experimenting with different techniques. Ekaterina started to implement new ideas because of the aspiration and tendency to include the models in her photo shooting. The projects of that time were the experiments with color palettes of different photo cameras provide. Ekaterina organized many photoshoots with the help of producers and small teams of specialists in modeling, makeup, and lighting. The photographs of that period of her artistic practice showed how the artist was working with color contrasts choosing two symbolic colors — green, meaning nature, and black, a sign of a threat and danger from the human who appeared in the image. The photography helped Ekaterina to produce her fears into the picture, and show her inner feelings, distress, and psychological challenges.

At the same time, she was communicating with many artists from different media, and taking part in exhibitions and projects. The last year’s Peggi art prize (2021) became an important moment of recognition of Ekaterina’s artistic skills and achievements.

Having become a member of the local art community of photographers in Moscow, Ekaterina decided to share her artworks on different platforms, for example, Behance, where she got a lot of feedback and was inspired by other participants. Moreover, her recent activities as a photographer included multiple exhibitions, such as ‘Where is the childhood’ (Karaganda, KAZ) and ‘Time’ (Art-D studio, Moscow) of May 2022, ‘Escapism. World of dreams (Artservatory, Khabarovsk) in March 2022, ‘Digital’ (BronxYard, Moscow) in November 2021, and ‘True nature’ (Red Studio, Moscow) in August 2020.

The recent stage of Ekaterina’s artistic development was a turning point when she worked with themes of environmental pollution and the role of humankind in the current ecological situation. This theme may seem a controversial one since the photography may become a documented evidence of the disaster happening today. While we witness the environmental catastrophe in various parts of the world, we need multiple approaches including an artistic vision to highlight the topic, that is why the experience and practice Ekaterina is performing today is extremely important.

Since Ekaterina has started to work with this hot topic, presenting it by the means of photography, she became even braver and decided to dedicate some of her recent artworks to the themes of the diseases such as cancer. Because of her professional background and her office work she has an impressive experience in the sphere of medicine and many years of communication with patients. So her last photographs show an immense pain, an extreme strength, and a fight between life and death before her eyes, which is worth being photographed and documented by the artist.



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