The formidable surrealist paintings of Mirosław Siara

Antonina Gorbenko28/06/22 06:05712

Mirosław Siara is a Polish artist who graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1980. Using oil and resin on canvas as his medium, Siara paints marvelous surrealist figures inspired by traditional European painting. He does not give titles to his surrealist works so as not to impose anything or suggest anything to the viewer.

In his work, the artist uses techniques referring to the best traditions of European painting, adapted to the requirements of the present day. He uses the oil-resin technique, used, among others, by Titian and the Netherlands. It consists of progressive work, in the application of successive layers of the painting with the use of paints, the binder of which are oil and natural resins. This technique is quite laborious and tedious, requiring a lot of discipline and work proficiency. Thanks to this, however, deeply thought-out works are created, subtle in their painting layer, full of often surprising color solutions.



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