Sensual Paintings By Elena Shichko

Antonina Gorbenko28/05/22 16:34660

Elena Shichko is an artist and photographer from Belarus. She paints with acrylic and oil on canvas. The stylistic direction that she uses in her works, would be described as romantic fantasy realism. She is attracted to bright expressive images, romantic and sensual. They do not live in the real world, their world is a world of fantasy, illusions and myths. This artificially constructed world reflects the inner state of a person’s soul.

In the series of still lifes, she is not interested in a documentary interpretation of nature, but in stylization and color harmony. She is attracted by the romantic component, the image and the internal state of objects.

In her works, she strives to portray a combination of the real and the fictional, the boundlessness of the energy of nature and objects. Each of her works is a journey into a new unique world!



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