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We, the media resistance group, are a trans-local collective of anarcho-feminists who advocate a campaign of total economic boycott

This is a war of extermination and genocide.

Russia is deliberately targeting civilian objects, residences, and public places away from the front lines in order to demoralize and intimidate the population of Ukraine.

Russia has no alternative political program that differs significantly from the imperial project.

Ukraine, a former colony of Russia, struggles for political independence and makes visible the possibility of alternative political projects and a radically different political culture in spaces that were once part of the empire.

Russian state and business structures support far-right and often pro-Russian movements and regimes not only in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, but also around the world. The Russian army takes part in the bloody suppression of protests in neighboring countries.

The Russian Federation tries to economically confine itself to as many territories and countries as possible and consistently maintains a political culture that is complimentary to its own: patriarchal attitudes and misogyny, homophobia, nationalism of the “state-forming” nation, autocracy.

Since the invasion, Russia has shown that it has no intention of adhering to any international agreements or humanitarian law, and that it prefers military measures to diplomatic ones.

Russia is war. As long as the state of Russia exists — it will fight or prepare for another war.

Our goals and demands:

— Demonstrate “business as usual” ties of cooperation between Western companies and the Russian military-industrial complex (military-industrial complex).

— Achieve maximum sanctions pressure (excluding critical medicine and necessary digital services to obtain/exchange information).

— To dissect the logistical schemes of military technology supplies masquerading as civilian needs.

— Hold the remaining companies in Russia accountable for their economic support of Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine.

— To hear a clear anti-war stance of companies that have made a silent exodus from Russian markets.

We want to identify and make easy to understand the role of capital in this war. Russia is an economically weak and dependent state, unable to wage war without the support of Western countries. The imposition of embargoes and total sanctions would make warfare much more difficult and slow down. Despite publicly condemning military aggression, Western countries and transnational corporations continue to delay Russia’s defeat and increase the number of casualties on the Ukrainian side. We insist that all cooperation with Russia must cease.

The only way to stop supplying the Russian military-industrial complex would be not only a complete refusal to supply “dual-use products” or in principle any products from which anything even potentially useful for the military-industrial complex can be extracted, but ideally the termination of any economic ties with Russia.

Only a complete embargo on Russian energy carriers will have a significant impact on the Russian economy and prevent it from manipulating access to energy resources and gas price increases.

Only a complete ban on the supply of equipment with the exclusion of all indirect supply schemes through third countries to Russia will limit the access of the Russian military-industrial complex to the technical components they need for armaments.

All resources injected into Russia support the war.

All economic ties with Russia must be severed.

How can the campaign be helped :

— Distribute campaign texts / appeals and fund details to collect donations in support of Ukraine.

— Organize blockade and sabotage actions in your countries against local companies involved in cooperation with Russia.

— Conduct public information events — find and disseminate data on cooperation of local companies with the Russian military-industrial complex. Make visible the presence and influence of Russian capital.

— Squat villas of Russian oligarchs, attack their property.

— Block public speeches by people and groups affiliated with the Russian state and capital.

— Do not ignore the fact that not only among the right, but also among the Western left, there are enough people who actively support Putin’s and other bloody regimes.

- Support the Ukrainian resistance and refugees directly and through donations.

Activists on the ground have an excellent opportunity to sabotage supply chains to the Russian Federation in small forces and to suppress the public, i.e. propaganda activities of representatives of Russian business and even more so of the state. Trade unions and other organizations of workers and employees of ports, railroads and highways can make a huge contribution to ending the war. Any business with the Russian Federation must become toxic and cease to be profitable. If shipping cargo related to the Russian Federation and its companies becomes problematic, the war will end faster.

Campaign text : BOYCOTT RUSSIA

ING : call it war

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Contact us :

Right now we are working on the campaign website and are looking for media to distribute our materials and publications. Also, we need help with the collection and processing of information for social media. If you would like to join the project or have information for the campaign, email


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