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Artist with a capital Letter

Marianna Sigsworth. Culture, art and fashion writer. 
T. Dunaeva, 2021 | “Opposites attract”

T. Dunaeva, 2021 | “Opposites attract”

Can we do anything without writing in our daily life? Words, letters, inscriptions… all this surrounds us everywhere, touches us, affects us in the most direct way. But what is it for us? Just a communication tool? Or something bigger?

Today I would like to tell you about a person for whom the “Letter” is more than a stingy translator of information. This is Art, an opportunity to realize her feelings, emotions, knowledge and skills!

Typography is the skill of designing printed text and is one of the disciplines in the field of Design. Tatiana (Tanya) Dunaeva is inspired by Typography and creates her own unique artworks, mixing, experimenting, but always remaining true to the “Letter”.

Tanya Dunaeva, 2021 | Bryant Park (NY)

Tanya Dunaeva, 2021 | Bryant Park (NY)

Tanya Dunaeva: PhD in Arts; Master in Art-Direction; winner of more than 30 international awards in the field of graphic design and creativity; Member of the jury of Ad Forum, AIVA & Sreda Awards; Teacher with >5 years experience; participant and winner of international exhibitions and creative contests on Photography, Contemporary Arts, posters, Design.

Tanya’s love for letters and typography appeared in her student years, when she devoted a lot of time to experimental typography, which sharply went beyond the classical book typography. These experiments showed her that letters can become an independent object of art.

Over time, with a lot of trial and errors, Tanya came to her own style, developed her own technique and handwriting. The unique production method combines collage techniques, experiments with materials and silkscreen printing.

In her works, Tanya gives each letter or font its own unique character, so that the end result becomes pleasing to the eye. The relationship between the letters and the different formations of each letter is an example of abstract expressionism on canvas. Color combinations change the visual impact of letters, and the opposite contrasting colors create a strong impression. More subtle palettes equally change the format, forcing the letters to mix and form an abstract composition. Each of Tanya“s works is a mini-study in which she embodies the quiet voice of typography into visual forms and colors accessible to our habitual gaze and perception, which forms an emotional connection with the observer. Being inspired by some specific idea of creating an artwork, of course, everyone will be able to make their own subjective impression of the letters in Tanya”s interpretation, which gives richness and value to each work. The originality of the artist’s view opens up another facet of our perception of reality for the viewer.

T. Dunaeva, 2021 | “Opposites attract”, “Blue Phapsody”, “Fractured state of mind”, “Blue Suede Shoes”

T. Dunaeva, 2021 | “Opposites attract”, “Blue Phapsody”, “Fractured state of mind”, “Blue Suede Shoes”

Tanya’s artworks made in this style have been selected and presented in such galleries in the UK and around the world as (UK); Onlin art gallery (UK); Saatchi art gallery (US); Swamiart (RUS).

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